Your First Appointment

Try to arrive 5 minutes before your appointment is due to start. You will be asked to fill in a basic questionnaire. 

Please wait in the waiting area in reception and your physiotherapist will come to get you for your appointment. 

Unfortunately if you are late your treatment time will be cut short so that the next person can be seen on time.

What to expect from your first physiotherapy appointment

Be prepared for your first appointment to last an hour to enable the physiotherapist to examine you thoroughly.

  • You will be asked relevant questions about your health.  It will be helpful to bring a list of your tablets with you. In some instances you may be asked to complete some forms.  Please remember to bring your reading glasses.  Assistance with form-filling will be available if required.
  • You will also be asked questions about your home, family, work and hobbies and this is so that we can gauge the physical demands on you in your normal life.
  • You will be examined, and for this you need to be prepared to undress.  It is recommended that you bring shorts and vest top, or clothes that allow us to easily examine you. In some instances, for example back pain, you may need to undress down to your underwear.
  • On occasions you may be requested to get further investigations, such as an X-ray to help the physiotherapist reach a diagnosis or plan your treatment.

Please discuss with the physiotherapist on the day if you would like a friend or relative to attend the appointment with you. 

Planning your treatment

At the end of your assessment you and your physiotherapist will discuss and agree with you what could be achieved and plan which treatment will be best for you.  It may be that formal treatment does not start until the second visit.